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Nicky is working very hard to open the sliding door to enter the wintergarden.
You mustn't underestimate the hedgehog's ability to get it's way, even through a climbing adventure.
Hedgehogs are allround sportsmen: running, climbing, swimming, they are masters of it all.

That's Othello, guess why he's called that!
If you have got more than one hedgehog you'll learn very soon to distinguish between them only by taking into account the various color patterns of their faces.
In Europe there live two species of hedgehogs, the west-European or "brown-breast" hedgehog, and the east-European or "white-breast" hedgehog. In central Europe you can find both pedigreed hedgehogs and hybrids.

What a peaceful picture, Nicky and Cherry (pretending to be sleeping). In the background sits my daughter, Sabine, watching over them. Sabine is studying veterinary science.
A hedgehog likes good books, too. But let him only those books you never again want to read.
Sorry, no books out there in the wilderness.

Nicky and Cherry going to get a snack together?
I'm telling you, it's just a matter of time befor one of them will turn tail - guess who?

As I've learned, cats aren't a serious danger for hedgehogs. They keep clear of their spines. But big dogs ARE actually a threat to our hedgies, they can wound or even kill them.
A hedgehog family cannot exist in a garden where a big dog is present.

Watching TV can be very fatiguing. Othello and Elfi couldn't take it.
Hedgehogs like sleeping very much.
They know four kinds of sleep:
1) take a nap (preferably on a woman's chest);
2) twilight sleep, which lasts for one or two weeks. Temperature less than 10 deg C gives rise to this kind of sleeping;
and ...

3) missing the daylight by sleeping every day;
4) hibernation.

Nicky loved peanuts the most.
He picked them from Elfi's lips - sorry I've no photo.