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I don't like to talk about the pain which hedgehogs have to suffer. But in this case I'll do it, because finally it's a success story. The hedgehog lady at this page we named "Sensi" - Sense is the german word for scythe. Do you suspect why we had chosen this strange name? --- Now, here is the story:
Sensi was wounded by a haymaker's scythe. She got a deep cut in her back, 12 cm long and 5 cm deep. Fortunately, the spinal cord wasn't injured. After the first aid by our vet we cared for Sensi day by day. She got a drain and her wound was desinfected twice a day. When we realized the degree of her injury, we thought that this would cause her death. But - thanks god - Sensi survived and could be set free three weeks later.

With deep faith in Elfi's hands,
Sensi take her everyday antiseptic bath.

Sensi gave premature birth to six babies during the stressy first hours. Four of them were killed by herself. Elfi tried to feed the remaining two babies, but all medical attention failed and they died two days later.
New-born hedgehog babies are weighing about 15 grams. Without their mother's milk it's nearly impossible to bring them through.
A wounded hedgehog mother killed her own babies. That's hard to understand, 'cause human emotions tend to set other priorities like animals do.
I think, we saw acting one of the secrect laws of nature. It ensures the surviving of the species, which is more important than the well-being of individuals. If an animal mother needs all her power for herself to survive, she will kill her kids to get a chance for another breed.

We're lucky,
Sensi came through and was set free :-)