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last updated at 01-01-2002
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If you need some help
concerning hedgehogs,
try this great German site
(English text!):
Pro Igel

A comprehensive collection of
hedgehog informations
and further links ...
Hedgehog Hollow

Do you know what a
Hemicentetes semispinosus
[Streaked tenrec] actually is?
If NO or even YES, enjoy ...
Mary Simon's
Madagascar Tenrec's

To learn more about the
African Pygmy Hedgehog see ...
How to care for ...

No hedgehogs,
but a remarkable homology
of the Australian marsupials ...
The Echidna

There is a link to Valerie Walker's website.
Visit it, if you're seeking for good books
for children concerning hedgehogs!
Hedley the Hedgehog

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